Friday, March 9, 2012

Laura asks: How will you pay it forward?

Today I am asking my own question...  How will YOU pay it forward?

Tomorrow we SPRING forward.  What a great time to PAY IT FORWARD to someone or anyone -- a loved one, a neighbor, a co-worker, or a complete stranger.  Just one tiny gesture can make a difference.  Imagine the effect on the entire world if we each did just ONE tiny thing each day.

Inspirational article:  50 Simple Ways to Pay It Forward
Need a little inspiration?  Watch this Pay It Forward movie trailer or better yet -- get the movie and watch the whole thing.

According to Wikipedia, Pay It Forward is: The concept of asking that a good deed be repaid by having it done to others instead.

Why wait for Pay It Forward Day (April 26, 2012) when it is so easy to do a little bit each day.

Mike and I are going to pay it forward by helping out Jeanne Fowler at Big Family of Michigan -- be sure to watch the video clip on her site.  Big Family is always short of "guy things"  like deodorant, shampoos, colognes, sporting goods (basketballs, footballs, soccer balls) and such.  If you know individuals or companies in a position to donate things like this, please share Jeanne's website with them.

Leave a comment letting others know how you and yours are going to pay it forward starting tomorrow!

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Hi Laura....I noticed that you told the Partiologist on her blog that you had a meringue powder buttercream recipe. I'd LOVE to have it. My email is Thanks in advance.


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