Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How do we keep the kids busy during Thanksgiving dinner?

There's a long list of "crafts" that are fun to make and you can Google that, but Thanksgiving dinner creates enough of its own mess doesn't it?  So here's some fun everyone can have with a printout and a pencil.  I think you'll see that many of these will generate some great conversations.
  • Kids from 2 to 102 love to color (definitely a favorite pastime of mine).  Put baskets of crayons out and let everyone show their creative side coloring turkeys, pumpkins or Pilgrims that you can print here.
  • Have fun with a Thanksgiving trivia quiz online or print one out here along with word search, crossword and more.
  • Print and hand out these What Are You Thankful For? cards.
  • Put out all the store ads and have everyone work on their Christmas lists.
You see... it's easy to keep it simple and still have fun.  Just make it a day focused on family, friends and a grateful heart!

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